Nuvar partners with you to design better solutions to fit your customers’ needs; providing the resources to help you get one more product launched. Our comprehensive capabilities enable our team to anticipate the diverse needs of yours.


Nuvar’s comprehensive upholstery services are customizable to any product or application. If you are looking for better colors, feel, durability and craftsmanship in your upholstery, you can trust Nuvar.

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Nuvar understands that materials are part of your brand—the way your products look, feel and function directly impacts your customers’ trust and loyalty. That’s why we assemble products of the very highest quality. We make our work look simple, but there’s an art to our science.

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Nuvar’s 3D product design removes the limitations from envisioning your products in new ways. We value collaboration with our clients, implementing solutions together we couldn’t imagine apart. Our software allows for advanced virtual prototyping in a streamlined and accessible way.

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Thermoforming, or the rapid heating and molding of plastic, allows Nuvar to craft a wide array of parts. Contact Nuvar for thermoforming assistance if you are seeking adaptable designs with a finished, professional look and swift delivery to market.

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