Our Story


For over twenty five years, we’ve partnered with people across a wide range of industries to develop and launch new products. Our product development, manufacturing and support capabilities equip us to develop and build high quality products. When your team needs resources to get one extra project done, Nuvar can help. We love helping our customers grow from great to even better.

Environmental Philosophy


We work with people to develop and launch products that are more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious. We’re proud of our commitment to make the world better:

  • BIFMA e3 level certification
  • We recycle and encourage suppliers to be
environmentally conscious


At Nuvar, we pride ourselves on working efficiently so our solutions are cost-effective to our clients as well as their end-customers. Our project management approach closely monitors timelines and cost. Our supply chain management ensures product consistency, on time delivery and quality. And our commitment to continuous improvement means your products are constantly performing better; in the field and on your balance sheet. That’s just the start of how we offer ongoing support to your company.